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Our farm is located on 5 acres of land which lies in the rain-shadow of the Olympic Mountains providing us with the mildest winters and the most annual sunshine found anywhere in British Columbia. 

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It started in 2008……... we built a house to live in, and we have never stopped building, digging, planting and growing Wildslope. It's now 2013 and we've come a long way, but as you can imagine there is always more to do and if any of you know me, I always have a few lists going!  For atleast a few months of the year the food on our table comes from what we grow.  At times we have excess produce of which we sell or give away. We now offer  FARM ACCOMMODATIONS 

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Wildslope contains some of  Canada's most threatened ecosystems, the GARRY OAK and the COASTAL BLUFF because of this we only farm the parts of our land that do not infringe on these fragile ecosystems

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The pigs serve two main purposes, the first  is to provide us with a source of healthy free range food, who's taste is second to none. The second is a natural way of conditioning the soil by tilling and fertilizing.

Our pigs free range on 2 acres of slope, we feed them a varied diet - vegetable and dairy waste, spent grain from Hoyne Brewery, as well as commercially produced vegetable feed that is made on the Island.  The pigs are access to a watering spout that provides them with an unlimited supply of clean drinking water. click here for Pork Sales

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Our chickens are a variety of purebred heritage breeds that have come from either our own incubator, or they have been purchased from local breeders 

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The hens provide us with a fresh supply of free range eggs.  (click here for pricing) Most days the chickens are free to roam and spend their nights tucked away in their coop to protect them from predators.  Currently we have just 1 rooster (Blue Laced Red Wyandotte)he does a pretty good job of watching over the flock. We still do lose a chicken every few months mostly due to mink, racoons, birds of prey and occasionally unleashed dogs from the galloping goose trail.

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PRODUCE All of our produce is organically grown in raised cedar boxes, with soil that is conditioned using seaweed, our own chicken manure/compost and horse manure from the many neighbouring horses.

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The seeds we use are locally produced heritage varieties which we start in the greenhouse. Currently we put out local blue mason bees to pollinate, but the hope is to one day have honeybees.

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Can you say......garlic addiction - we now grow approximately  10 different varieties, our most recent additions are from a trip this past winter to Vietnam.  

Garlic can be used fresh, roasted or divided up into cloves and planted in October for a July harvest.  Click here for details on sales

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