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"The pleasure of eating what one raises is inseparably fused with the pleasure of raising what one eats"  Angelo Pellegrini

*** Please Note - all farming activites may be on hold for 2014***

 Free Range Eggs for sale       $4/dozen

victoria free range eggs

Free Range  Pork For Sale     By the Side Only - $5.50/lb (hanging weight - approx. 90-100lb weight per side) cut, wrapped and frozen, cut to personal specifications (bacon, sausages, chops, hams, roasts, etc).  Smoking and Sausages are an extra charge - approx. $50, depending on the amount done.  All meat is packaged in butcher paper and labelled.   Pork will be available again approx. March 2016 - taking deposits ($100/side) Full payment at time of pick up.

Happy, healthy, family raised pigs.  Our pigs are raised on an acre and a half.  They are fed an all veggie based diet, free of hormones and antibiotics, they are also lucky enough to get a supplement of spent grains from a local Brewery and lots of Metchosin organic apples, apple pulp and other farm produce, as much as we can get.

They are taken to a small scale, government inspected abattoir in Duncan, where they are humanely handled.

Recipe Page to come…………..Adobo Pork, Glaze for Smoked Ham, Pork Lettuce Wraps, Pork Roast

Pick up in Duncan, Langford or Metchosin.

Whole Pasture Raised Chicken - available fresh, July 22, 2015, after that it will be frozen $5/lb - approx. 5-7 lbs. 5 bird minimum (share with family and friends)  $50/deposit per 5 birds

Organice Garlic  $10/lb (approx. 8-12 bulbs, depending on size) Please place your order early - ready for pick up approx. early September (see varieties below)


If you love garlic, you won't be able to resist a freshly roasted garlic bulb!

Varieties:  Yugoslavian, Chesnok Red, Russian Red, Susan Delafield, Baba Franchuk, Spanish Roja, French Rocambole  

All Natural Cold Process Soap    

$6.00/large bar (approx. 100g)  

Made with all natural oils and fats, locally sourced products whenever possible, such as lard, honey, goats milk, dried herbs and additives.  Only pure essential oils are used or soaps are left "unscented".  Custom soap can be made with a minimum of 4 weeks notice (3" rounds, square or rectangular)  Soaps can also be felted with wool from Metchosin Sheep.

Available:  Pink Grapefruit, Oatmeal/Honey,  Licorice,  Lavender, Peppermint Rosemary , Orange/Cedarwood, Lemon, Shaving Soap, Out in the Woods, Madder Root, Marshmallow Root, Scrubby, Lemongrass/Sage, Carrot Facial,  and Dog Shampoo

Felted soaps are a great gift idea - all natural built in washcloth. 


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